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May 8, 2012

Since 1997, Log Homes NetZine has brought you numerous articles and information regarding log homes.  Our Log Home Index (directory) has been a big hit, and we’ve tried to keep you abreast of log home shows around the country.  It has, although, been quite spotty with new information, and we’ve decided to finally change that.  We’re upgrading this site, and moving it to a WordPress format.

The plan is to make it profitable, because up until now it has been a financial drain on the owner.  We also want to make it more interactive, and upgrade the Log Home Index to a searchable database instead of just a list that is clunky to look through.

We’ll begin re-posting our articles in the blog format, and we look for new content to flow in as well.

We are also toying with the idea of including information and articles on alternative constructed homes such as earth ship homes and the like.  We would love feedback on that idea.

Thank you for sticking with us, and look if any log home builders, contractors, suppliers, material suppliers, or owners have articles for us to post, please contact us.

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